One Crazy Summer – pt. 1

Just got back from the final leg of this marathon of a summer. I guess it wouldn’t be called that by everyone, but when it involves three Girls Rock Camps and driving several thousand miles in a noble vehicle whose pushing 300k, well it ends up feeling quite epic. The most recent stint was Girls […]

Anybody Anymore

jamie comes home with her face bashed in her sister looks her over with a mischievous grin “so you went to get screwed by him again, you’re so f*ing crazy.” jessie’s at the bar with her ears still wet she talks real hard so the hustlers forget she ain’t even got a driving license yet […]

Backside (Not Your Baby Girl)

Please don’t think me civilized Please don’t leave me patronized Please don’t think I’ll compromise I’m not your baby girl Please don’t try to analyze me You can’t help but fantasize But I won’t buy your sack of lies I’m not your baby girl I’m a woman on the run I have so much to […]


bending back over the burden of crossings and crosses burning my fortunate eyes and if i could i surely would breathe a little lighter but i’m overcome terror takes too many hands to make me believe what the looking glass tells me i fear and if i could i surely would fight a little harder […]

Broken Wings

put your head in the mouth of your failure and let’s see if you survive put your head in the mouth of your fear and doubt and let’s watch you try to stay alive i’ll put my face in the mirror i’ll reflect what I see cause so much of what you are is what […]

Burn in the Fire

are you a catcher of the song or do you hold your heroes far too long are you a helpless little man or is the a fire in your hand well the flame don’t cast a shadow when it burns and the shame don’t pass for shallow when it churns and you make the heart […]

Fill My Cup

It’s 6 am again and i’m trying to get all of it down I’m waking up again to the frequence in this sequence of sound And true to the waters below my river runs more quick when its hot But I take it minute by minute just to handle what’s in it Catch the angle […]

Good as Gold

tear me up if you want to i have nothing left to say tear me down if you have to i was breaking anyways tell a lie, it can’t hurt me so and so with such and such to tell the truth, it’s all empty and i can only take so much what good is […]

Grey Girl

Grey girl Somebody ate your soul No bite, just swallowed whole Somebody ate your soul Grey girl Hustler sold you a line That bargain made you blind Hustler sold you a line Suck on that empty bottle please until it milks you I don’t know what to think but time, it’s gonna get you Grey […]