Anybody Anymore

jamie comes home with her face bashed in her sister looks her over with a mischievous grin “so you went to get screwed by him again, you’re so f*ing crazy.” jessie’s at the bar with her ears still wet she talks real hard so the hustlers forget she ain’t even got a driving license yet […]


bending back over the burden of crossings and crosses burning my fortunate eyes and if i could i surely would breathe a little lighter but i’m overcome terror takes too many hands to make me believe what the looking glass tells me i fear and if i could i surely would fight a little harder […]

Grey Girl

Grey girl Somebody ate your soul No bite, just swallowed whole Somebody ate your soul Grey girl Hustler sold you a line That bargain made you blind Hustler sold you a line Suck on that empty bottle please until it milks you I don’t know what to think but time, it’s gonna get you Grey […]

New Jim Crow

new jim crow where we wanna go? you know that man jimmy took that boy to jail made it so his mama never make his bail you know in that jailhouse ain’t no room to rock once they shut that door on you make sure it stay locked then that old man jimmy came up […]

Sleep Baby, Slumber

there’s a quiet space inside you that is tender and its solitude will sink you like a stone everybody likes to tell you it gets better ’cause they all have tender spaces of their own and they’d rather do anything but remember when they knew that space was eating them alive so they sometimes have […]

The Rapture

you should know by now this shit drives me crazy sinner or saint, it’s all the same to me i tried to tell you once or twice in no uncertain terms long as i live, i intend to breathe show me what your good book is for cause i don’t wanna fight anymore if it […]


a bird in the hand ain’t spit to me you give me one i must need three enchanted by insanity my dirty glass is empty can’t find the dime i used to keep and now i find i’m losing sleep but in the morning all i need is four bucks for my coffee lost my […]