The Short Walk

we need love, love, love, love, love on our short walk through this life please be kind, kind, kind, kind, kind on your short walk through this life offer gentleness and grace on your short walk through this life ‘cause anyone could be in pain on their short walk through this life and that pain […]

The Rapture

you should know by now this shit drives me crazy sinner or saint, it’s all the same to me i tried to tell you once or twice in no uncertain terms long as i live, i intend to breathe show me what your good book is for cause i don’t wanna fight anymore if it […]

This Is Not a Love Song

chorus This is not a love song, Just a piece of what you give to me. This is not a love song, Just some peace for what you give to me. Broken in dark corners You found me washed upone the shore Wanting all of life to fill me And praying hard for so much […]


a bird in the hand ain’t spit to me you give me one i must need three enchanted by insanity my dirty glass is empty can’t find the dime i used to keep and now i find i’m losing sleep but in the morning all i need is four bucks for my coffee lost my […]

Turn It Around

My spirit says, when I’m moving around With no place to lay my head, Just go back to the beginning. My spirit says, when my heart becomes blind And cannot see its way into tomorrow You must go back to the before. But what about the before? What about the beginng? Were they not once […]

Very Small Things

woman, you are a queen don’t you get worried over very small things your roof is leaking rain and it won’t get fixed cause you’re late on the rent again so you fill up your all your time doubling over that nine to five sunday mornin’ comes and beside you, there is no one the […]

Warm and Gentle People

We were warm and gentle people before the before, Before our fears turned to war. We lived in a world of plenty And our souls were never empty But in us lay the rage of ten thousand mother’s Weeping for their stillborn dreams of tomorrow. We were warm and gentle people under the stars Until […]

War No More

thank you to the mountainside thank you to the distant shore thank you for the miles to ride i don’t study war no more thank you to the starry skies thank you to the times before tahnk you for the tears i’ve cried i dn’t study war no more thank you to the aspen grove […]

Warm Like the Waters

basically dancing basically still basically what i cannot i basically will basically sassy basically good basically running like i basically should basically tired basically chill basically wired basically real basically twisted basically sound basically simple basically profound and i am warm like the waters and i am deep as the sea and i am warm […]

Water I (The Water)

my father used to say “my darling, what’s your strategy? cause your people won’t survive alone on all your theory use your mind and use your heart to be the change you want to see” so this is how i walk the path creator made for me when i eat the rice, then i clean […]