jenny brought the bottle home she said she’d like to celebrate her birthday pretending to forget the past passing out just like she did that last night when they took her keys away she’s a ghost without a name but everybody loves her just the same jenny took the painting down, the one with bob […]

January 20

everybody’s singin’, singin’ “yes we can” everybody’s waitin’ on the one great man everybody’s singin’, singin’ “yes we did” finally gave it to him at the lowest bid it takes a village people we can’t forget it now it takes a village people it ain’t about the dow you know a change is coming but […]


chorus can i give you kisses? would that make it better? let me give you kisses. you don’t talk to me. do you remember the last time you handed me your heart? you gave it to me once and i took it for mine but somehow i missed it when you took it back you […]


Lady’s got a feeling that her heart is overgrown Like the weeds in a garden where the soil’s not been sown Though the garden of her past keeps her locked up in her home She begins the see that That the way that we choose is the way we are free. Lady’s got a feeling […]

Less Than Holy

I have two hands that work just like yours my thumbs point in both directions I have two legs j ust as long as yours they reach from my hip to the floor I have one heart it works much like yours It cries both for joy and rejection I have one soul that longs […]

Like I Love Loving You

What did I to deserve your love And what will I do when it’s gone? How can I help wondering Who I will be all alone? I’m not worthy to demand Such a difficult love And I’m not sure we can withstand All the trials we’ve heard of, But somehow I know We can see […]

Lost You to Paradise

funny how it happened that the moment i knew i would always be alone, you appeared bending over backwards to accommodate solitude never believing you were here. how dare anyone suddenly become the tomorrow of my dreams the forever in my heart and though you and i surely would be nice i lost you to […]

Mortal Self

from time to time as i slip in and out of the skin of my mortal self i check all the corners and cracks between me and my dreams i walk to the edge of tomorrow and look back on everything and i wonder if life is really as blue as she often seems sometimes […]


Dianna Ray, Dianna Ray Where the Hell are you today? I wanna go where you are. Trish Herrera, Trish Herrera You know I really wanna sit in your chair-uh I wanna go where you are Trish Herrera, Trish Herrera You could play, you could play in my hair-uh I wanna go where you are Linda […]