The Promised Land (2011)

The Promised Land is an uplifted and soulfully rendered collection of Spirituals from the African-American folk tradition.  These nineteen songs were chosen based on my personal connections with each one as well as the story at which they collectively aim. I cannot remember a time when these songs did not direct me towards a universal […]

The Shiz: Where We Stand (2009)

The Shiz’s debut presents a taut brand that straddles every branch of the roots rock tree from bluegrass to afro-punk, proving to be unexpectedly stirring and a damn good time. The offering skillfully balances expansive grooves without losing sight of the anatomy of a great song, yielding easy tunes with a message and an edge, […]

Very Small Things (2009)

As heard at the Y2K10 International Looping Festival in Santa Cruz, CA, “Very Small Things” is the follow-up companion to Contemporary A Cappella Recording Award winner “Out from Yonder.” A diverse, heart-felt collection of original songs inspired by Sweet Honey in the Rock, Bobby McFerrin and Pete Seeger, all written and performed on a BOSS […]

Out from Yonder (2008)

Lilli Lewis has been playing the piano since she was three years old, and composing music for just as long. Raised on a dirt road outside of Athens, GA, the award-winning classical pianist and soprano now pursues a subtler muse and her unexpected journey has yielded a world of insight matched with “innovative, soulful music […]

Sleepers Wake (2006)

“Sleepers Wake”, Lewis’ third album, is a journey of beauty and pain, of longing and love, of inescapable truths and infinite possibilities. In these six songs, Lewis brings the listener deeper than ever before in a quest for home, justice and love, and finds a path to them all in her own heart. Lewis’ “innovative, […]

Castles of Her Crystalline (2005)

“Lilli Lewis, a chanteuse, a pianist with one of the widest hearts and deftest touches in songwriting I have ever heard…uniquley poignant and heartfelt…” Tom Daley, poet The “innovative, soulful” Lewis writes with elegant poise, her versatile voice shows itself in one moment a pure and longing stratospheric pianissimo, the next a low and earthy […]

The Coming of John (2003)

“With a sultry voice as smooth as melted butter, Lilli Lewis croons a lush blend of jazz and R&B sensibilities, backed by utterly masterful instrumentation. Sometimes melancholy and always deeply mature, the music…will move you on multiple levels.” Lilli Lewis comes from the famously enigmatic Athens, Georgia where she studied classical piano and voice. […]