Broken Wings

put your head in the mouth of your failure and let’s see if you survive put your head in the mouth of your fear and doubt and let’s watch you try to stay alive i’ll put my face in the mirror i’ll reflect what I see cause so much of what you are is what […]

Brother Child

Brother, brother, brother child where you goin’? Where you’re at the weather’s mild But that ain’t showin’ what life is gonna be. Baby, baby, baby boy why you cryin’? You’ve got all the love and joy ‘Round you trying to keep your heart carefree. Lover, lover, lover man why you trippin’? Know you’re doin’ the […]

Burn in the Fire

are you a catcher of the song or do you hold your heroes far too long are you a helpless little man or is the a fire in your hand well the flame don’t cast a shadow when it burns and the shame don’t pass for shallow when it churns and you make the heart […]