Coffee Shop Girl

There’s a lady I met at a party one night
She’d come over from old mother England
Just a beast in the air with her fancy a-flight
And her ship was just now coming in
You could tell by the light in her eyes this was no make believe
That she measures her prize by the weight of the gun up her sleeve
A hand cocked to one side as she steadied her pride
and the kick back enlivened in her bones
Now the stained little girl has a woman made world of her own

Well I have this good friend whose beginning again
She has never lived on her own
I can see how she feels, it’s a pretty big deal
When the night comes to find you alone
Well I guess it’s the weight of the world she must hold in her hands
A cold chamber echoes “honey, you know you’ve left a good man”
But the bullet inside means she no longer hides
From those real or imagined demands
‘Cause it’s her story now and she moves as the journey commands

Oh the coffee shop girl with her warm chestnut eyes
She has nothing against integration
But the fact of the matter is how it was done
Went against the known will of her nation
See there’s only one law of the land worth keeping around
And that law puts a gun in her hand as she’s standing her ground
And whatever the cost or the lives that are lost
She believes it’s her right to defend
So those brown eyes turn cold as she wipes down the counter again

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