A Spanish Rose

A Spanish rose, plucked from her garden, move from mountain to ocean to sea seeking shelter she came upon my doorstep and here’s what she said to me: “Solo en cada país, canta la misma cancíon, trabajo por día, grito por noche. Oaio.” She told a tale of love requited a rose’s season to open […]

Anybody Anymore

jamie comes home with her face bashed in her sister looks her over with a mischievous grin “so you went to get screwed by him again, you’re so f*ing crazy.” jessie’s at the bar with her ears still wet she talks real hard so the hustlers forget she ain’t even got a driving license yet […]

Backside (Not Your Baby Girl)

Please don’t think me civilized Please don’t leave me patronized Please don’t think I’ll compromise I’m not your baby girl Please don’t try to analyze me You can’t help but fantasize But I won’t buy your sack of lies I’m not your baby girl I’m a woman on the run I have so much to […]

Beauty Beyond Reason

I want to write a song that she will hear, She who holds beauty beyond reason. She, whose eyes like butterflies Reach to meet the morning sunlight as it warms their wings and they rest upon the rainbows as they wish for simple things I want to play a song for her to sing she […]

Become the Wind

she calls the wind to meet her like it was her familiar it bends itself to greet her and finds itself returning to a long lost love affair she whispers something tender the color of surrender she binds herself to wonder and finds herself believing in the most unlikely pair still the space between is […]

Blue Rock

chorus Blue rock, blue rock twisting Trying to make trouble, trying to make freedom. Blue rock, blue rock shifting Stirring up trouble, stirring up freedom. We are living in a world today Where we take our own peace of mind And give it away. Take my hand at the highest price, And with just enough […]


bending back over the burden of crossings and crosses burning my fortunate eyes and if i could i surely would breathe a little lighter but i’m overcome terror takes too many hands to make me believe what the looking glass tells me i fear and if i could i surely would fight a little harder […]


for every night the moon saw me drunk on bottled silences laced with liquid dreams… for every dawn that¹s sealed your caresses in a rapid twilight ecstacy… for the ocean of barren dessert who finds her oasis in a distant fertile sea… touch my fingers… wet my eyes… and breathe on me….