Grey Girl

Grey girl
Somebody ate your soul
No bite, just swallowed whole
Somebody ate your soul

Grey girl
Hustler sold you a line
That bargain made you blind
Hustler sold you a line

Suck on that empty bottle please until it milks you
I don’t know what to think but time, it’s gonna get you

Grey girl
I think you think you’re hot
Or just something you’re not
Maybe you’re nothing

Grey girl
There’s something up your sleeve
You come and then you leave
There’s something up your sleeve

You take the hits in bits that break you til you’re tender
You get your fix for kicks but one day you’ll surrender
Grey girl

Highway to Tomorrow

i’m leavin’ town at midnight.
i think i’ll take the highway to tomorrow.
if my car won’t get me there
then maybe my two tired feet will.
i wanna see the sun come up at daybreak, castin’ a shadow on my past.
two buck cappucinos’ll keep me rollin’
and two cents worth of crazy to foot the bill.
i wanna watch someone i feared
become a brother and a friend.
i wanna talk to my angels and let them
lead me ’round the bend.

so precious lord take my hand.
lead me on. let me stand.
i am tired, i am weak, i am worn.
through the storm and through the fight
lead me on through the night
precious lord take my hand and lead me on.

now every road’s gotta lead to somewhere, they take us from the cradle to the grave.
it’s always a gamble where you end up
but i intend to play ’til i win.
i may just find another road to heartache
but find some new players for the band,
or just another batch of same ole same ole washed down with a tonic and a good gin.
well it’s the lovin’ that makes the journey
can turn a dirt road into bein’ paved.
but that same lovin’ has led me to lonely
and now it’s my heart that i’m tryin’ to save…

so precious lord….

Hold My Hand Today

hey, hey, hey,
can you hold my hand today
can you let the rain fall a little
lighter on my soul
hey, hey, hey,
can you hold my hand today
i wonder can you let the rain fall a little lighter

sometimes it feels like i’ve been so lost for so long
found became a well forgotten memory
but then sometimes lost
is exactly where i need to be, ya know?

i try to take my time, to let the reason rhyme
move through life according to my heart
and even when i’m staring
down the road at nothingness
i have to say wherever you go,
well there you are

i’ve been so tired, so tired
like it’s the middle of the night
and i’m sittin’ on the side of the road all alone
but someone told me, told me told me
it was gonna be all right
so i call you out
when i know i can’t make it on my own


walkin’ in the ways of everybody’s yesterdays
seems an effort in futility
like writing poems for a poet
or begging from a bum
what’s the use? they ain’t got nothing for me.

well that’s the way it looks to people lookin’ in on
people goin’ out of their way to feel alive,
but just taking a breath
with that weight on your chest tells you
the sooner you bleed the sooner you’ll cry

but it’s so hard, so hard
in the middle of the cold night
sittin’ on the side of the road all alone
but i tell ya, tell ya, tell you
everything’ll be all right
just call out when you know
you can’t make it on your own