Incantation: Creation

once upon a time
i lived in a mysterious mirror
made entirely of imagination
and in this mirror
everything imagined

i imagined the mirror
to be a vast castle
whose corners and caverns
i could never see
and in truth, by this
i was made afraid

one day i realized (inevitably)
that i was alone in the vast castle
whose corners and caverns i could never see
and just as inevitably i imagined

forgetting the power of this mysterious mirror
i set about facing fears
once and for all i would find out
just what those corners and caverns
were about

of course i thought i was still alone
and in truth i was still afraid
when suddenly and without warning
i stumbled upon another

startled i asked, "who are you?"
You said, "i am You"
"you are not" I replied
"i am" You asserted.

I didn’t understand.
I had been alone in the mysterious mirror
I had been alone in fear
I had been alone in that mysterious mirror
when suddenly You had appeared.

"How can you be?" I asked.
"I am that I am" came the reply.
"But if i am you," I objected,
"you would be me."
"i cannot be you and me" You answered.

then all at once
(and again without warning)
in walked yet another!

"well who are you?" I startled.
"i am Me" came the answer
"but you cannot be me" I baffled
"well i cannot be You" Me defended
"well i cannot be Me either" You demanded

desperate to make all things clear again
I tried to make You and Me dis-appear
but I could not undo what I had imagined
so I went on living in fear and confusion
with You and with Me
as did They with Each Other.

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