Less Than Holy

I have two hands
that work just like yours
my thumbs point in both directions
I have two legs j
ust as long as yours
they reach from my hip to the floor
I have one heart
it works much like yours
It cries both for joy and rejection
I have one soul
that longs just like yours
To knock on heaven’s door

I’m surprised at how anatomies
of body and mind
Are supposed to be the symphonies,
the great ties that bind
But instead it seems that some of us
are being maligned
For leaving behind the bigotry
To believe love is blindness and poetry
So school me,

What gives you the right to tell me
that my heart is anything less than holy
And what gives you the right to tell me
that my love is anything less than worthy
And what gives you the right to burden me with your self-righteous testimony
And what gives you the right to tell me
that your love is the only way to love?

I had a thought a minute ago
That this bullshit talk was over
I heard a song a second ago
It went "we shall overcome"
I heard a vow some years ago
That didn’t say husband, wife or other
I think it said that a union
Was when two came together as one

I’m surprised by how civilities
on the steady decline
Are exchanged for inhumanities
that defy every line
And every way in which we measure
how to greet the divine
In the lives of the people we meet each day
And I fear for the tithes we will have to pay

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