Mortal Self

from time to time
as i slip in and out of
the skin of my mortal self
i check all the corners and cracks
between me and my dreams
i walk to the edge of tomorrow
and look back on everything
and i wonder if life is really as blue
as she often seems
sometimes the fabric of destiny
gets worn and tattered and frayed and old
sometimes the thread that binds us together
unravels and leaves a big hole.
with it’s question of love
it’s question of heart
the action of starting again
when things fall apart
but given all these
and the difference between
the biggest piece still seems to be
someone to believe in me

it’s not at all hard to imagine
a life passing by in its frailty
without having truly seen
through the eyes to another’s soul
with everyone running around
with agendas and cellular telephones
the unceasing murmur of loneliness
finally takes its toll
sometimes the enemy wins
and steals precious moments
of purpose and meaning
sometimes the universe whispers its secret
the leaves in a careless indifference
with it s question of heart, its question of faith
the action of starting again
and cleaning the slate
but given all these and the sum of their parts
the biggest piece still seems to be

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