Mortal Self

from time to time as i slip in and out of the skin of my mortal self i check all the corners and cracks between me and my dreams i walk to the edge of tomorrow and look back on everything and i wonder if life is really as blue as she often seems sometimes […]


Dianna Ray, Dianna Ray Where the Hell are you today? I wanna go where you are. Trish Herrera, Trish Herrera You know I really wanna sit in your chair-uh I wanna go where you are Trish Herrera, Trish Herrera You could play, you could play in my hair-uh I wanna go where you are Linda […]

Mountain Lady Woman

i am a mountain lady woman i got mountain lady feet i was born in muddy waters hot, sticky, troubled, deep i washed up on the mountainside only half alive with one foot still in ether-land the other to survive i was forged by thunder clap by naked fire in the sand and will return […]

One Shoe

I crossed the ocean to this land Carrying eyes just like a man So alone, holding on to my mother’s hand But I held a weapon at my side It held a promise and my pride It wasn’t much, just enough to help me make my stand I knew too well what I couldn’t tell […]

New Jim Crow

new jim crow where we wanna go? you know that man jimmy took that boy to jail made it so his mama never make his bail you know in that jailhouse ain’t no room to rock once they shut that door on you make sure it stay locked then that old man jimmy came up […]