Perfect Regret

You said you’d have married me if I’d kissed you,
If I’d only said the right thing.
You said you’d have left it all for me,
Sung in my ear, kissed away my tears,
Made it alright.
Here’s to regret.

I watched you cry ’til the dawn came
As we lied there in each others arms with such fear.
I couldn’t breathe ’til I knew you were done
But I held your hand next to my heart
I thought you could tell,
Cheers to regret.

But I was too young to know
And it was too much to ask
And I was so unlovable.

Now there’s a new life for you and it’s lovely,
A perfect love in an imperfect time
Still I can’t help wondering
Why your eyes tend to dodge mine each time we pass.
Maybe regret?

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