Piece of Mine

There’s a load I was born to carry
Yea, I was born to town this line
Until I take that lonesome ferry
You’ll find me holding this piece of mine

On this road, this road less travelled
A constant stranger and fool am I
Under my feet, just dust and gravel
Over my shoulder this piece of mine

My true love, she smelled of cotton
Her skin of honey, her lips of wine
Empty words are ne’er forgotten
And empty pleasures kill more than time

For seven long years she would not marry
For seven years she was not kind
Her youthful breath my hands did bury
Her heart for no one if not for mine

If these long years could pass more gently
If true love were truly blind
Cold hard eyes could ne’er resent me
And leave me holding this piece of mine.

Piece of mine, lord, piece of mine
Yea, I’ll be holding this piece of mine

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