Piece of Mine

There’s a load I was born to carry Yea, I was born to town this line Until I take that lonesome ferry You’ll find me holding this piece of mine On this road, this road less travelled A constant stranger and fool am I Under my feet, just dust and gravel Over my shoulder this […]

Rare Bird

rare bird rare bird come as you are don’t you pay us no mind rare bird, rare bird land where you will but don’t you pay us no mind rare bird, so rare you make us believe we become fearful and we make you bleed rare bird, rare bird fly as you might and don’t […]

Pretty Ebony

chorus Pretty ebony, take me where I want to be. I am sitting with the ivory Hoping sound will soothe all my rough places plain. Will I wait for the tsunami? Does it take disaster to show me my way? I am looking at the starlight. Or am I really gazing at the space between? […]