The Gospel

Verse 1
In the city of unseen prophets
Just over the hill
There’s an army of vagabond watchmen
At the citadel

In secret they walk among us
Hidden in plain view
But if they happen see something in us
They could reveal a thing or two

She told me I was trying to live easy
That I was living a lie
He told me I was lost in a forest
But all the trees were dying

And the yellow eyed peaceful warrior
They call Copper John
He made his offering patient armor
To help me carry on

In the city of unseen prophets
No one’s ever alone
On the wind is a whispered wisdom
Rattles in your bones, and it goes

If you’re waiting for sunrise
and you meet at the dawn
Take your fill of the loving and
pass it on

Verse 2
He said life is a suicide mission
With a question of why
Do it quick, do it slow, do it dirty
or don’t even try

He’s determined to figure out something
Touch the point of the fall
So He asks all the masters and the lamas
Why they come back at all

He said let’s you and me make us some babies
As we wait out the end
They put too much poison in your body
But I can build you again

You’re a sea creature in stale waters
With the power in your blood
To make the angels sing about heaven
Here on earth as above

But let me tell you something honey
That we all need to know
We can sing of a brighter tomorrow
But now is all you’ve got so


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