we paved the day in passion and found a cool dry place we paved the day in golden ash and found an empty space we paved the day in glory and found our reckless shame we paved the day in tangerine it tasted all the same tangerine we journeyed over distant seas to find our […]

The Gospel

Verse 1 In the city of unseen prophets Just over the hill There’s an army of vagabond watchmen At the citadel In secret they walk among us Hidden in plain view But if they happen see something in us They could reveal a thing or two She told me I was trying to live easy […]

The Beans

whoops daddy i think i burnt the beans again won’t you pull my bangs again and then pull off the belt damn i really felt that wait ooh daddy you got the moody means again you’ll have to take me out back if you wanna give me something to cry about which is worse, the […]

The Greatest Story Ever Told

It feels like four hundred years since you went away Cause it’s been too many grey days. And I’ve been marching like a good soldier Almost too weary to pray. But it seems another page has turned And I’ve become so thankful for the moment I learned That I love song that leave me soaring […]