The Last Stop

i don’t know where the dream goes
when the world begins
i don’t know how to love you as i did then
speak to me of the magic of lip to lip
so that maybe i can recall the best love of all
and talk to me of the tender touch
of cheek to cheek
so that maybe by the end i can love again

but it’s the last stop. thanks again for riding.
i hope to see you on the road again.

i could have watched the sun set
in your eyes forever
we thought the map had been made
by some spirit in the skies
but i need more than a memory
of heart to heart
just a precious little light
could make it worth the fight
but the thought of you and me
sharing soul to soul
breaks the heart to begin
to see it all end

cause it’s the last stop….

i know i pushed you away
just because i never thought you’d stay
but i was praising you as i preached to you
and i was raising you as i reached for you

i’m going back to kansas
when i dream tonight
i’ll click my heels and learn
the deal i got just wasn’t right
maybe as we travel from life to life
we’ll find the love we shared,
remember when we cared
but for now we’ll have to do
without the side by side
gotta go our separate ways,
the price lover pays

cause it’s the last stop.

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