Turn It Around

My spirit says, when I’m moving around
With no place to lay my head,
Just go back to the beginning.

My spirit says, when my heart becomes blind
And cannot see its way into tomorrow
You must go back to the before.

But what about the before?
What about the beginng?
Were they not once a treacherous terrain?
And what about today?
What about ever after?
Tell me what makes the rough places plain?
I’d ask it of me but I’m already lost.
I’d just let it be but release at what cost?

So for a time I’ll turn it around.

My TV says, in a couple of days
My country will be at war,
it’s a matter of survival.
My leader says I’m a victim of chance
In a crossfire between good and "other"
The answer must be in defense.
(or did he say revenge?)

But what about the rage?
What about all the people we could
lose to fury and fear?
And what about the greed?
What about all the dollars
Spent to make me believe all I hear?
I ask it of me ’cause I’d like to begin
To release my defense, find freedom within.

So for a time, I’ll turn it around.