When Mama Cries

in the morning after mama cries
hopelessness, helplessness
and fear become her eyes
the lonely and the weary
seek refuge in the skies
but they’re left unheard
without reply

and the children look around them
and ask for us to see
that another soul is dying
of neglect and sanity
so the children learn the hopelessness
of a victim’s soft demise
these lessons in the silences
left after mama cries

mama said to her lord on bended knee
she’d relinquish all her joys for one last plea
a noble sacrifice indeed but inadvertently
she passed all that joylessness
right down to me

and now her spirit lies somewhere between
her body and her soul
but without her joys and passions,
well she never will be whole
and the children learn the universe
requires such sacrifice
repeating her same promises
every time their mama cries

let the circle be broken
so our spirits can move on
and let it be here and now
before tomorrow is gone
teach me faith, teach me a prayer
show me your strength and love of life
teach me hope, show me you care
and maybe we’ll make it through this night

now i believe that after all is said and done
all the trials and the battles become one
to find your withered soul
and let it blossom in the sun,
well that’s when you’ll know your life’s begun

so children look around you
at all there is to see
know that the beauty of your presence
in this world will set you free
see that the children learn the universe
gave them the gift of life
and that these lessons become promises
every time their mama cries

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