Water II (Walk Upon Water)

tell me have you heard the people say to meet the dawn you must survive the day everybody has a part to play tired, broken and your mind is numb lost the battle but you’re holding on that’s the time you gotta sing this song we walk upon the water the only way we ever […]

Welfare Queen

if i look you in the eye tell you i don’t wanna die you try to eat me you’d say it was a good kill you’d say it was a very good kill if i try to raise my hand whisper i don’t understand you’d just delete me you’d do it with a good bill […]

Wednesday’s Child

i’m a wednesday’s child born on ruination day to a preacher man who’s better than he took to the grave when he left his garden he caught a cold in his blood grief comes in many colors and so does love grandaddy shot his self straight in the head but the bullet didn’t get him […]

When the Rain Comes In

“it will already be too late when the rain comes in if it’s true, what we gonna do in the reckoning” there’s a story daddy told me when i was just a little girl ‘bout a storm cloud that wrapped all the way around this wide world he said “what would you do, child to […]

When Mama Cries

in the morning after mama cries hopelessness, helplessness and fear become her eyes the lonely and the weary seek refuge in the skies but they’re left unheard without reply and the children look around them and ask for us to see that another soul is dying of neglect and sanity so the children learn the […]