Wrecking Ball

I don’t need to fight for freedom
Freedom is a right from birth
I have no need to fight for money
A dollar don’t define your worth

See i want peace for my body
Peace of mind
Peace for my soul
Peace for humankind

I don’t want to fight for justice
I’ll take it from an open hand
I don’t have to fight for power
I’d rather sit to take my stand

And i want peace for the seers
Peace for the blind
Peace for the seekers
Peace for humankind

But we go at

Everything with a wrecking ball
Let’s all go down, tear the wall down, tear it on down

I don’t want to fight for water
Abundance flows right from the sky
I don’t need to fight for shelter
Where the ground is soft and trees grow high

I don’t need to fight for knowledge
Wisdom seeds have long been sown
I’m not afraid to walk this journey
See I come into this world alone

What i want is peace for my brother
Peace for his mind
Peace for my sister
Peace for humankind


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