Your Love

your love
is a love that breaks the boundaries of time
Gives a feeling that I never knew could be mine
But now I know that everything will be fine
and i thank you for

your love
though it’s hard to fully know the gift you gave
and despite the foolish ways sometimes i behave
it’s because of you i have a life to save
and i thank you for

your love
just because my heart was broken in two
and darkness was the only light i knew
but how beautiful to find myself in you
it was there all along

oh your love
is the faith i need when things all fall apart
it makes everything i do come straight from the heart
and i wish i’d known this feeling from the start
but i thank you for

your love
though at times the worlds between us seem to wide
it means everything to know you’re by my side
it’s the only thing i know can’t be denied
and i thank you for

your love
when i close my eyes it’s still hard to believe
in this peace beyond what dreams could conceive
just because i felt unworthy to receive
what was there all along
in your love.

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