Castles of Her Crystalline (2005)

“Lilli Lewis, a chanteuse, a pianist with one of the widest hearts and deftest touches in songwriting I have ever heard…uniquley poignant and heartfelt…” Tom Daley, poet

The “innovative, soulful” Lewis writes with elegant poise, her versatile voice shows itself in one moment a pure and longing stratospheric pianissimo, the next a low and earthy rumble, dancing her across her range with arresting beauty and ease.

“Words don’t do justice to the music Lilli Lewis creates- a true dichotomy of sound. Vocals that straddle the spectrum from Patti (as in Tuck &…) to Oleta Adams, and music that combines intricate jazz chords and syncopated rhythms most singers would need a month to master. Lewis is the light at the end of the tunnel …innovative, soulful music [that] will never go out of style.” –