The Coming of John (2003)

“With a sultry voice as smooth as melted butter, Lilli Lewis croons a lush blend of jazz and R&B sensibilities, backed by utterly masterful instrumentation. Sometimes melancholy and always deeply mature, the music…will move you on multiple levels.”

Lilli Lewis comes from the famously enigmatic Athens, Georgia where she studied classical piano and voice. An “innovative, soulful” singer and composer, Lewis writes with elegant poise in a style where Gabriel Fauré meets Pharoah Sanders. As she sings, her versatile voice shows itself in one moment a pure and longing stratospheric pianissimo, the next a low and earthy rumble. Lilli dances across her broad vocal and musical range with arresting beauty and ease.

Her band, The Lilli Lewis Project, which features Lewis on piano and vocals, is augmented by award winning clarinetist and composer Todd Brunel who unfailingly presents “tremendous virtuosity and heart” (Eileen Pfeiffer, Boston Globe). A veteran of the Montreal Jazz and Aspen Music Festivals, Brunel plays with breathtaking energy paired with an intimately nuanced lyricism.

“Pianist, composer and awe inspiring singer that merges classical, negro spiritual and soul musics. Her original songs are vocal tour de forces…” Boston Fielder